Make What You Like / Like What You Make

Do you ever make something you don't like? I don't mean when you are trying to make something and it isn't going quite right, or you decide you hate it, I've done that, we've all done that. There is an art to knowing when something sucks. And sometimes you just have to let something go, not pressure yourself to finish it. That's not what I mean.
I mean when you choose to make something that isn't your taste, your style, not something you would ever make for yourself. But you're making it for a certain someone who would really like it. It happened with the angel pin, and I'm doing it again now. And I'm surprised by how much I like them.
Maybe it's partly because these projects are completely selfless on my part, it's not something for me, not even remotely.
Today I started something that will be very cute, and will probably be very popular, and it probably could be something I could sell a bunch of if I could stomach making a bunch of them. But I can't.

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