See Shell's Felt

I am so obsessed with felt right now! Besides the angel pin I posted here, I have six other pins finished, and three more in stages of done-ness. And the felt tissue box, and the felt die, to go with the dice bag. So much felt work, it's becoming a joke around the house.
Me: I want to show you what I'm making. My Guy: Is it FELT!?!

But like I pointed out to My Guy, there are definitely worse things I could be addicted to. More expensive things. I went to the hobby store tonight, and got two pieces of felt, two embroidery threads, and would have been embarrassed to whip out the debit card for just that (barely a dollar), so I purchased the swivel knife that I have been eyeing after Mom let me try hers (and Mom, I found one for only $4.77-it's not the brand name one, that's probably why it's so much cheaper!), and a great find in the clearance section.
As I mentioned before, I started my felt infatuation with a stack of felt that I had picked up at a thrift store, and the embroidery thread from my high school cross-stitching phase. And I worked with only the old supplies until only a couple weeks ago. A couple dollars there, another dollar here, there's so much I can do with it, and it is so affordable. I'm just in felt heaven!
One of the pieces of felt I bought was just a color I was running low on, but the other piece is my next step into the abyss of this mania: glitter felt!! The store I went to is the only store in town that has more than just regular felt pieces. They have some prints: frogs, hearts, flowers, dots, tiger stripes, tie die, camouflage, and I could have sworn that they had a print that was clouds, but it wasn't there last night. They have some embossed felt, and larger pieces (though all the larger pieces are stiff), and some glitter felt. After a 'just looking' trip a couple weeks ago, I'd been thinking about all these other felts and what could I do with them. So I brought home a gorgeous piece of lavender glitter felt.
In thinking about what to make first with this new felt, I was searching Crafster and others, and I wondered if anyone had a crafty blog dedicated to just felt!! So I did a blog search, and came up with these two: Fieltromania (All about felt things) and The Felt Mouse. Now I am off to read everything they've written, and blogmark them!!

P.S. I felt a little creatively crazy when in the felt isle, I had to pause my iPod, set all my purchases down, dig out my notebook and pencil, and start back up the iPod, so I could write down the name of the site that Amy was talking about on CMP 73. It was The Artist's Survival Kit which I need to go check out, too!

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