Mutual Inspiration

I was reminded again at work today of how important it is to share your creativity. That's why I blog this, why I read crafty blogs of all sorts, and forums, and listen to podcasts, and I'm so thrilled that the internet has made us all one community, it is so cool to see what someone is making in their part of the world. Ideas beget ideas.
And I hope if and when people stop by this little blog of mine, they find something interesting. I hope that in some small way, I can contribute to the world of creativity.
But I sometimes forget how different it is to be inspired in person. One of my work friends, S, is an extraordinary jewelry maker. We chat about beads, iPods, cooking, kids, and all sorts of creative things when we have the chance. I shared my felt creations with her today, and we each inspired the other, she inspired me to do a Christmas tree pin, and my felt finger puppets inspired her as an awesome activity/party favor for her daughter's birthday. That's a great idea! It almost makes me want to plan a kid's party.

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