Meatloaf Cake

Meatloaf Cake Cut
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Thursday was my guy's birthday. When it comes to birthdays, I enjoy planning and surprising people, so I had been thinking about this cake for quite a while. I used my 'famous' meatloaf recipe, and the frosting is mashed potatoes. I've seen some much fancier ones, with carrot curls or grape tomatoes, but I wanted it to appear to be a real cake and watch the surprise when he figured it out. When he saw the cake he was puzzled, since I said I was bringing 'supper' (and he can't eat regular cake for supper, since he's diabetic). And then he figured it out! He was very excited, which was very evident when he brought the cake out to share with his coworkers.

I was under a little time crunch, I needed to get it to him either at 4:30 or 5:30, and the kids got home at 4-something, and I had two phone calls at the same time, and felt just a little stress. I really wanted to get it to him at 4:30, so I was letting the stress rise. But then I told myself to just relax, 5:30 was fine, I should slow down and do a good job and enjoy myself! And it worked. I really enjoyed finishing it, and without the stress build up, I did get it done in time to take it early.
On my way home, stress completely gone now, car ride went well (Thanks again Z!), and everyone was excited to see the cake, and I'm thinking "only 365 days 'till his next birthday, what am I going to do to top that?" But I forgot about leap year. So I checked the date, sure enough, next year his birthday will be on Saturday! In fact, if he keeps the same schedule, he won't have to work on his birthday again unitl 2011!! I think I can come up a great work supper by then.

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