I don't like Tuesdays

I have come to the realization today that Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week. Today is sucky, and today is not the first Tuesday that is sucky, see my Haiku's of Tuesday Suckiness from a few weeks ago, on the other blog. Every other day of the week (is fine, yeah) has different specific things to look forward to, but not Tuesday. So my strategic and creative brain, like usual, as soon as it comes to this realization, jumps into how-can-we-fix-it mode.
Since it's when I get to work that I first recognize how sucky Tuesday is, my first thought is a work treat. A Tuesday Treat! I could stop for coffee on Tuesdays. Or something more decadent, like a muffin for breakfast. I could have a specific art project at work that I only get out on Tuesdays. Or a special pen to only use on Tuesdays, or a special mix of fun music. I could update my iPod on Tuesday mornings, get fresh poddy goodness. All these things could definitely help a yucky day.
I've also been thinking about setting goals about updating this blog, and I remembered that on my first old blog, I would have a weekly quote &/or a weekly link of something I found out on the interweb that I found particularly inspiring. I could revamp either of those on Tuesdays. Then I thought about memes. I haven't done a lot of memes, but I know they can be fun and thought provoking. So I decided to look for a weekly meme that posts on Tuesdays, that wouldn't necessarily be about crafting or creativity, but would be something fun to think about, and could keep my brain occupied, and help the day not be so sucky.
And I'll probably still go for coffee.

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