Beaded Felt Barrettes: The Rest of The Story

After seeing Angry Chicken's cute felted barrettes, and working on my bead embroidery techniques with felt, I was inspired to combine the cool idea with my colorful beading. I didn't find the traditional clip barrettes, but I found these.
Barrettes Before There are some colors I'd wear as is, but a couple I'd really never wear, so those could become felt barrettes, and it's a win-win.
Barrettes Stage 1 I used the beaded blanket stitch all around the sides, and left the back plain. I thought they looked pretty good. In her tutorial, Angry Chicken mentioned that the felt part could be slipped on and off, but she chose to sew the felt to the barrette, but I thought I'd just leave it to slip off.
Barrette Problem That wasn't going to work well with this style of barrette, as the felt and the barrette liked to move in different directions. So I sewed the felt to the barrette, and sewed a little row of beads over the stitch marks, and now they are beautiful!
Beaded Felt Barrettes

Top View of Barrettes

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