For My New Car: More Info

Car Freshener in Shadow
I had the idea to make something to hang from my new car's rear view mirror. I've hung different things in different cars, and I always want to have something that is unique and represents me and my life. Some of the things I've hung from my rear view mirrors over the years have been hand made, and I thought at this time in my life I really wanted something handmade, kitchy, and fun. I started out thinking of beads, because I still define my craftiness first in beads. But I really wanted to do something fairly quick, and I really wanted to step more into the new craft world, more re-fitting, more 'extreme', more not-your-gramma's-craft project. So the idea of beading on a traditional car freshoner came to mind. At first, I wanted to put beads on both sides, since either side could be seen, but I didn't have a good plan to make that work. I found the "Little Trees" come in 3 packs, so I can experiment more. The cardboard of the tree is too thick to just poke a needle through, so I used a hammer and nail to pound little holes randomly all over the tree. Putting one bead on every hole left a mess of string on the back, which I covered with tissue paper, and cut up bits of holographic ribbon. Here's the back:

Car Freshoner Backside

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