I really have been doing things this year! Even if I haven't been good about posting.
I'm in a knifty knitting frenzy right now, I've finished three scarves, with another on the loom at work, there's an almost-done experimental hat next to my computer, and I just got in the mail yesterday a book of more patterns! I'll have to do a review of the book, first glance, it looks great!
I've been taking lots of pictures so far this year, check out my flickr if you haven't yet, now with a pro account (thanks, Honey) I am uploading almost daily. For my February Habit, I'm taking a photo a day, and I'm trying to stretch my photography muscles. I've always been a pretty good photographer, but lately all I've taken photos of have been my projects. So for the photo a day habit, I'm not using crafty pictures, more creative photography.
I also started doing the Artist's Way again. I had tried several years ago, and couldn't get throu the morning pages. I had thought about it many times over the years, especially when I'd read or hear that some people are still doing their morning pages years later. I really wanted to see if I could do it. I decided a couple months ago that I would do morning pages not in long hand as is recommended, but on the computer. I started a private Blogger blog where I do morning pages for ten minutes, instead of three pages. I'm sure purists would disapprove, but at least I'm doing it, right? Has anyone heard of anyone else doing morning pages on the computer??
I've introduced a youngster to the beautiful, addictive world of beading, I've started taking orders for scarves, I've been regularly scouring the thrift stores and dollar stores for yarn and other art supplies, and I've taken most of the photos for the beginning of my retro craft project. (ain't I a tease??)
That's what I've been doing lately. How about you?

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