February: Habit Month?

Someone told me once that if you do something every day for 28 days, it becomes a habit. That always sounded plausable. It occurred to me reciently that Februray usually has 28 days, so we could use Feburary to help us start a new habit. Instead of some New Year's resolution, or just trying to start doing somehting any time, we could say we'll do it every day of Feburary. That should be easy enough. If we do it every day in Feburary, maybe it will become a habit.
I'm thinking photography for my Februrary habit. I've been taking lots of pictures, but I would like to take even more. There are many inspiring photos and groups at flickr, both crafty, and just artsy. And now that I have flickr pro (thanks, Honey!) I want to put more photos up!
I am going to take a photo every day in February. I may not post them every day, but I'll label them with the day they were taken. We'll see where this experiment goes. Maybe it will become a habit.
Anybody with me?

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