As Seen on TV

In case I've never mentioned it here, my guy works at a television station. He works in Master Control, which is as important as it sounds.
In his Secret Santa game at work, he drew the name of the evening female anchor, and he's been having lots of fun with it, including making comics for clues. He decided a couple weeks ago, the he would employ my talents as a jewelry desinger to help him in his secretive task. (After all, I usually employ his audio talents whenever I can get away with it!)
He found a necklace idea on-line that he liked, and after discussing what was needed, he went to the store and purchased beads all by himself (as our schedules were really off that week). The idea he had found was mostly just a template, the beads he came home with were beautiful, and very different from the web idea. This is the necklace I/We created. He gave it to her yesterday as the last gift of their Secret Santa. She loved it!
And tonight, on the 5, 6, and 10, she was seen wearing my/our creation!

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Anonymous said...

necklace looked nice on her but wish she would wear it on a plain sweater so you could see it better. Nice work. PJF