Loom Work: Scarf

After about three weeks of looming just when I had some free time, not trying to finish quickly, this scarf is pretty long! I had originally bought 2 skeins of "Child's Play" variegated yarn. I figured two was enough for a scarf. Since I had started the knitting attempt with the one skein, when I started looming, I started the second skein. I even cheated, and didn't roll the skein into a ball first, mainly because I was anxious to get started, and didn't want to take the extra time to roll it up. I think the main reason to roll up your skein is so you don't get knots (right?), but I only had a couple little snags using the yarn straight out of the skein. I finished up the first skein pretty quickly, and cut the knitting attempt off the ball I had rolled. I tried to match the variegation, since the pattern of the scarf was very cool. I matched it up pretty good, you can see a small hiccup in the pattern if you look closely.

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