I made that doll when I was a kid. Probably 8-12 somewhere in there. One of the ways I started my 'crafty' life was making things for my dolls. My mom likes to tell the story of how I was making something very cool for my barbie, and I didn't leave room for stitching, so it didn't fit the doll at all. It was a beautiful ruffled collar jacket, btw, and would have been georgeous if i would have finished it.
This doll I made is a little tight at the seams because of that same issue. But I made it work. The dress is origional. It's just a piece of cloth pined at the back, with a ribbon belt. I'm tempted to make her a very cool dress now, maybe even a beaded one.
I made a lot of funny/cool things when I was a kid, and maybe someday I'll find the photo of me at age 6-7 in the 'bikini' I made out of an old pair of boxer shorts...

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