Lighter Cover: The Idea

I've been trying to figure out a bead/jewelry project to make for my brother's girlfriend. She has great, colorful tastes, but doesn't wear earrings at all or much, which would be the easiest, big colorful thing I could make her, so I keep thinking...
A fellow beader at work showed me a book she had purchased on Native American designs and beadwork. One thing it had in it was a bic lighter cover made in gourd (peyote) stitch, in a couple designs, one being a nice thunderbird. I made some notes from my friend's book (I found the cutest little notebook that looks just like a composition notebook, and I carry it in my beading bag) and I think this is what I'm going to make her. I don't want to do a thunderbird for her, though I might another time, so I was looking around for ideas, found some finished for sale here, and some fimo covered ones here. (again, saving the fimo covered idea for another time). One of my favorite bead pattern web site had these patterns, but I really want to design something myself. She's an actor, and we love drama in our house, so I'm thinking I'll do a comedy/tragedy mask design. She wears a lot of black, and loves bright and sparkly colors, so I'm thinking black background, probably matte black, with shiny masks. I know the masks are traditionally connected or right next to each other, but I wonder if I could put one mask on one side and the other on the other. What do you think?

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