This is the current tin at work, with the project from previous post in it. I like using tins for my beading. I love to pick up the bead, and have the smooth metal surface under my needle to help me. I started beading using plastic or plastic-ish beading trays, and that just doesn't work for me. When I read in a beading magazine about people using a ceramic watercolor dish, I had to get one. The dish has no lid, so you have to keep in something like a gun case. My beading store, hip to the magazine, started carrying the ceramic dish and the gun case. Yes, I own a gun case, and yes it bugs me. But a tin like this one is so perfect for a project. The whole project can fit inside, though I keep my scissors in a separate container. I have probably 15-20 tins, in many different sizes and shapes, most with projects partly finished inside. This tin is one of my favorites. I look for appropriate tins anywhere I go, but especially thrift stores and garage sales. This one came to me in the sale isle right after Valentine's Day one year, complete with candy, for about a buck. Can't beat that!

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