Marti Gras Amulet Bag

I've made a few amulet bag necklaces with the gourd (peyote) stitch, beading of all sorts is probably my favorite 'craft' to design and do. This one I started relatively soon after hurricane Katrina, after I heard there was a relief effort in the form of fund raising being done by a group called Crafters United, selling their things on Etsy. I designed the bag using Marti Gras colors to celebrate what the hurricane had taken away.
I'm embarrassed to say that due to several reasons, I did not get the bag submitted to the group before they stopped taking donations. I guess partly I thought they wouldn't have an end date to the donations, but of course, they had to.
Anyway, I'm left with something I made specifically to be donated, and I didn't want to keep it myself, or give it, or sell it. Then came the time for my church's silent auction. Perfect. Donating something I made to raise money for a good cause. And I've always wanted to make something to sell at our church auction, so I've met that goal, too. I'm working on designs for next year's auction.

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